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CCTV Monitoring

Learn more about our CCTV Monitoring services below . . . .


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GB Service Group reliable surveillance systems are complemented by an access control system to track

the movements of employees, visitors and equipment within the premise, which guarantees perfect

operational and situational awareness for businesses and homeowners.

We also provide the option of experienced security personnel to monitor and audit CCTV recordings, as

well as front office or entrance security management.

Our CCTV services also include the option of integrated alarm systems and remote security surveillance.

Our team are experienced technicians, aided by our industry specialists, will guide you at every step of

the process, from planning and cost analysis to layout design and deployment. 


GB SERVICE GROUP provides experienced, personal guidance to help you sort out the manned and electronic security options and develop a blended solution that is cost-effective and responsive to your specific needs.


GB SERVICE GROUP's single focus is security, ensuring the protection and safety of our clients’ personnel, customers, information and assets.  GB Group delivers a number of comprehensive security services to clients across the UK for the last 30 years.


Our staff are well-trained and motivated people to deliver our services across the UK. It is a feature of the way we do business that our senior managers take personal responsibility for our clients, their requirements, and the business relationship. 


GB SERVICE GROUP is a UK security company focused on providing professional security services to our customers, meeting their diverse needs with specialized uniformed security, consulting and investigations, executive protection and more.

GB SERVICE GROUP offers a seasoned management team of executive-level experience in the industry that puts the interests of the client first. The company serves as a one-source, customer-centric management solution for manned guard and electronic surveillance. A streamlined corporate structure allows clients direct access to decision-makers for rapid response in the event of an emergency. The greatest risk to your company's business lies in your brick-and-mortar and human assets. With all of today's technical options, securing them is more complex than ever before.


Our security officers are trained to report any incident of importance on their log sheets. The security officers have a daily activity-report folder where they record each event that happens in their shift. Each report is entered into the system for tracking purposes under each client account to maintain confidentiality. These reports are part of the service and are a must. The supervisors check these reports and send them daily to our clients or hold them upon request. Action is taken on incidents based on the security officer’s observation. GB Services Group Security’s expert management team will tailor services to meet all your needs, expectations, and desires. Our main goal is to protect you, your family, your business, your home, and all your valuables in a very cost-effective manner.


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