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Construction Site Security In Yorkshire

Equipment is too large to practically remove and bring each day. 

Companies have no choice but to leave building materials, equipment and tools on site making easy targets for theft and vandalism

 GB GROUP can detect an intruder, send a notification, and provide admissible evidence to prosecute criminals.

GB GROUP leading-edge technology can detect faces, can monitor perimeters, see in the dark and see in the fog and rain.

No power, no problem – we have solar powered solutions.


Nightclub Bar Pub Doorman Security In Yorkshire 

GB Service Group is a security service provider specializing in reliable and affordable security solutions to all industries including airport security, casino security, events security, mall security, clubs security, apartment security, and educational institutions security. 

GB Service Group is one of the reputed security service companies across Yorkshire.

 Our security officers are expertly trained using innovative technology to protect and safeguard what you value most, while simultaneously providing outstanding customer service and communication. 


Movie Set Location Security Provider In Yorkshire 

When filming a movie, you will be dealing with precious assets, from the movie stars to the set equipment. 

If there are well-known actors onset, there will probably be thousands of fans out there who are hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite star and maybe get an autograph.

Your priority should be keeping your cast safe. Also, the equipment used on sets, such as cameras, editing equipment, costly lights, are tempting targets for thieves and need adequate security personnel.

Are you a director or film producer in need of security guards for a movie set?


Retail & Reception Security In Yorkshire

Our Security Officers Put Your Customers' Safety First

Keep Your Customers’ Shopping Experience Safe and Enjoyable

All your customers all need to feel secure and welcome in your facility and safe in your parking lot or they may not return.

Shopping centres and malls have unique challenges that must be taken into consideration when designing an effective shopping centre security strategy, which means you need apartner with experience providing retail security solutions.

What’s worse, an incident could prevent new customers from shopping at your facility.


Event Security In Yorkshire

At GB GROUP we have a team of staff with vast experience in all the critical facets of security & safety at major events, from event security infrastructure, through to spectator safety management and overall health and safety.

Our team has a proven understanding of the total event landscape, which provides us with a unique understanding of how the security and safety function impacts other functional area operations.

It is this experience which enables us to offer a wide range of event security services.

Our team of exceptional professional’s work in close partnership with our clients to provide innovative solutions to their security needs.


Mobile Patrol Services In Yorkshire

Protect Your Investment with Gb Service Groups Uniformed Patrol Officers.

Detailed Accounts of Each Patrol Because knowing how your security officers are performing is important, we provide you with detailed accounts of each patrol. 

These include written reports and activity logs when situations are as expected, and incident reports when officers detect anything out of the ordinary. 

Contain Costs While Enhancing Safety Patrol services are a cost-effective alternative to dedicated on-site security officers. 


CCTV Monitoring In Yorkshire 

GB Service Group reliable surveillance systems are complemented by an access control system to track the movements of employees, visitors and equipment within the premise, which guarantees perfect operational and situational awareness for businesses and homeowners.

We also provide the option of experienced security personnel to monitor and audit CCTV recordings, as well as front office or entrance security management. 

Our CCTV services also include the option of integrated alarm systems and remote security surveillance.


Dog Patrol Security In Yorkshire 

Our dogs are able to sense intruders from a distance by smell, sight or sound, even if the intruders are hiding out of sight. 

They will protect their handler by standing their ground and showing controlled aggression when confronted with threatening behavior and are able to detain a suspect until the authorities arrive.

GB GROUP is an ambitious and fast growing team of trained security officers and protection dogs.

 We use NASDU dog handlers and SIA Badged security officers, each with their own specialized experience. We are specialized in protecting your assets and we are proud that we can provide security to a high standard. 



If an alarm is activated, one of our fully trained and licensed security officers will accompany your designated key holder to the property. 

Upon arrival, the security officer will carry out a security patrol looking for signs of an intrusion and take the necessary actions in accordance with your company's escalation procedures.

Our comprehensive and integrated services include a combination of technical and physical solutions designed to deter, minimise, secure and protect our client’s personnel and premises. 

Recognising the challenges of providing a safe and secure working environment, our highly-trained security personnel manage and control key vulnerable areas, maintaining the integrity of each facility or site.


Manned Security Guard Service In Yorkshire 

GB GROUP are renowned for the quality and expertise of our manned guarding security solutions ensuring every security guard officer is highly trained and fully licensed to handle whatever situations the job demands.

We understand the importance of creating the best first impression to all that walk through your door and we will represent your business in a professional manner, creating a memorable experience for your clients, visitors and staff.


As such, our concierge members of staff are presentable, friendly, approachable and possess excellent communication skills.

From concierge staff and uniformed guards to event staff and loss prevention agents we are your first line of defense and best protectors.

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