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Covid-19 Testing Center 

Coronavirus Pandemic Response

Gb Service Group, can assist your business with Thermal Imaging Cameras to monitor large groups of individuals at any given time for fever detection or elevated skin temperature. Fever detection or elevated skin temperature is just one of the many prevalent symptoms that is associated with COVID-19. With advanced thermal imaging technology, these cameras scan body temperatures of everyone entering a space enabling immediate detection of elevated skin temperatures. Whether they enter as an individual or as a group, if someone has an elevated body temperature, the system will sound an alarm, immediately notifying the security officer and allowing the security officer to further engage the specific individual

These camera systems are great for busy environments such as

1. Schools

2. Medical Facilities

3. Office Buildings

4. Large Public Gatherings

5. Shelters

While these cameras do not indicate or diagnose if someone has COVID-19, it is a tool that can be used to help mitigate the possibility of someone who may be sick or may have COVID-19 from entering your property. The safety of your staff, customers, students and vendors will always be a top priority and they will appreciate the layers of safety that your organization puts into place to keep them safe.

Managing Security During A Pandemic Like Covid-19

While many businesses within Bradford West Yorkshire have been ordered closed during the pandemic, essential services like private security continue to operate. To do so safely and effectively, they need to have a strategy that protects their personnel and the public as they continue to protect life and property. That requires a concerted focus on three main areas of concern: access control systems, proper interactions with visitors, and flexible use of alternative security techniques.

Access Control

During any crisis, it is important to maintain strict access controls. In the midst of a pandemic and large-scale economic shutdown, that access control can be even more vital for protecting health and life. Security firms should review security procedures at every job site to ensure that access is limited in accordance with current public policy guidelines. That may require restricting the number of access points to ensure that traffic can be more efficiently monitored and controlled.

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