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Movie Set Location Security 

Movie Set Location Security Provider In West Yorkshire UK

When filming a movie, you will be dealing with precious assets, from the movie stars to the set equipment. If there are well-known actors onset, there will probably be thousands of fans out there who are hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite star and maybe get an autograph.

Your priority should be keeping your cast safe. Also, the equipment used on sets, such as cameras, editing equipment, costly lights, are tempting targets for thieves and need adequate security personnel.

The Best Movie Set Location Security Service Provider In United Kingdom

Are you a director or film producer in need of security guards for a movie set?

Below are some of the reasons why providing onsite security is vital.

1. Location Staff

A movie may include several A-list celebrities and high-profile individuals. These individuals require protection from the crowds and direction around the set. Security personnel will protect the individuals and escort them back and forth between the group and their trailer or vehicle. Onsite security can also patrol the movie set’s parking lot to ensure those who access the area via car are authorized to be there. They can also manage the parking space to ensure no one lacks a parking spot once they arrive at the movie set.

2. Crowd Control

During a shoot, you may most likely attract unwanted attention. It might result in a large crowd that might be quite overwhelming to deal with. Hiring security guards will ensure there is order in the area and prevent disruptions during filming. Security guards can also maintain control of those authorized to be on sets, such as members of the press or those with viewing privileges. In case an actor wants to give autographs, the security crew will ensure the process is done smoothly without breaching the actor’s personal space. The security can also stop people from accessing the location of the shoot to prevent unnecessary interruptions.

3. Protect Property

A movie set is full of expensive equipment such as cameras, props, special effects equipment, and lighting equipment. When done with the production for the day, these items become potential targets for thieves. Some people might break in to vandalize the set for no good reason. A security service provider will provide you with overnight or weekend guards for the storage and production areas so that the area stays safe and free from potential thieves and vandals. Besides, the security team can patrol the set using a vehicle. If anyone breaks in, they can quickly take action to prevent theft, trespassing, or vandalism.

We are the Best Movie Set Location Security Service Provider In United Kingdom

Many areas in production can cause delays or problems, thus, the need to have security on site. If you are involved with film production and need a movie set security, contact us at GB Service Group Now UK. We offer a wide range of security services that are essential in movie sets and handling VIPs. 

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