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Need a Security Guard In Leeds? 

Features You Should Look For . . . 

13 January 2021

Every year in the United Kingdom, retail businesses lose a staggering £45 million pounds due to theft, which is why you might be looking for a team of security personnel for your company. In addition to helping you to spot folks with sticky fingers, the right security team can also help you to with a range of other loss prevention services, including warding off employee theft.

Here are some features you should look for in a new security guard and why.

Advanced Training

There are thousands of individuals with loss prevention experience, but that doesn't mean they are qualified to help you with your unique set of security challenges. Before you hire anyone to work as a security guard for your company, talk with them about the training they received to become the guard they are today.

Ask where they learned important skills, such as observing suspects inconspicuously, detecting crime, confronting dangers, and reporting issues. Talk with them about their prior security work, and ask if they have any references. Always call prior employers to talk with them about the employee, since they will likely have access to the bulk of your business.

Additionally, ask potential guards how they keep up on their advanced training and whether or not they plan to continue attending courses. Working with a security guard who is committed to keeping their skills polished can help your business to stay on top of potential threats.

Depending on the type of work you are having security guards perform, they may be asked to chase threats or handle advanced tactical issues. Unfortunately, if their security training was decades ago, they may lack the strength they need to do the job efficiently, which is why you should talk with them about their physical training.

Although employment laws dictate that businesses are prohibited from discriminating against a potential employee on the grounds of their sex, race, or even physical impairment, you are allowed to ask employees whether or not they would be able to complete certain tasks, such as chasing after an assailant or taking down a robber.

Before you conduct interviews for your security guard position, think carefully about any and all physical tasks the employee may be required to do. Record these tasks in a list, and talk about each of them when you interview for the position. By finding someone who is comfortable performing all aspects of the job, you won't have to worry about your security team being up for new challenges.

Threats aren't always easy to detect, especially in a world where criminals use smaller tools and smarter technologies. For this reason, your security team will need to be incredibly attentive to detail. In addition to being able to size people up when they come into your business, they might also need to instantly recognize common scams and known people of interest.

When you meet with potential security personnel, pay attention to the way they dress and their commitment to detail. Pay attention to their cleanliness, the way they talk, and the things they notice about your business. As you discuss different elements of your company and your need for security service leeds, focus on how well they seem to be absorbing the information and what they pick up on.

Try to choose a security guard who understands the importance of the small things. If you decide to hire them, take their recommendations seriously and never ignore their reports. After all, you are hiring a security team to notice things you might miss.

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