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Prevent Vandalism

Prevent Vandalism

14 February 2020

Not all criminals come onto a construction site with the intent to steal. 

Poorly secured construction sites seem to be a favorite target for vandals as well. 

Whether it is graffiti, breaking windows, throwing eggs, or any other intentional damage to the site, vandalism slows down the building process and costs everyone money. 

Construction sites are a popular target for vandals, but having a construction site security guard can help prevent this annoying and costly behavior. 

Security guards roaming the premises, either on foot or in their patrol cars, can deter vandals and keep the progress of the build running smoothly. 

If you are a project manager or superintendent, hiring a construction site security guard should be a top priority. 

You can't be there all the time, and a trained security guard can help ensure the building is secure after hours!

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