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Security Guard Services In Huddersfield

14 May 2021

In these challenging and uncertain times, the need for a fail-proof residential security system is paramount and while alarm systems and CCTV cameras should be an integral part of your overall security strategy, choosing monitored alarm systems with a patrol response will take your protection to the next level.

An alarm system with a patrol response, as opposed to an unmonitored alarm, enables a swifter and safer resolution for any potential threats to your home security.

A local alarm system is relying on homeowners or neighbor's to respond to the alarm — putting them in a potentially high-risk situation.

Without a patrol response, they are forced to either investigate the triggered alarm themselves or to notify authorities.And while the sound of an alarm may scare off some criminals, it can also be disabled by burglars or ignored by neighbours who may think it is an accidental trigger.

Monitored alarms are part of a seamless security network which sends signals from your home alarm to the operations centre, which operates around the clock. The centre then liaises with trained security personnel who will attend your property and assess the situation.

Utilising state-of-the-art GB and patrol tracking systems, monitored alarms will receive the quickest possible response time, and the homeowner will receive professional reporting on the incident which ensures transparency and accountability.

While security patrols and alarm response solutions have long been relied upon by industrial and commercial clients including shopping centres, financial institutions and nursing homes, the need for trusted security services for residential properties continues to be a focus for homeowners.

There are a range of benefits for implementing a monitored alarm system in your residence.

 As an established leader in our field, GB Service Group offers:

24/7 response from trained security professionals

State-wide coverage

Industry leading alarm response times

Detailed reports

Cutting edge reporting technology

No lock in contract and cost-effective pricing

If you’d like some advice on residential security solutions, alarm systems or alarm response, contact GB Service Group on 0333 090 3225 and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options. Our Patrol Division operates across West Yorkshire with bases in Bradford Leeds Halifax Huddesfield and Skipton 

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