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Manned Guard 


We understand the importance of creating the best first impression at GB Service Group | Security Services In Bradford West Yorkshire we will represent you in a professional manner, creating a memorable experience for your clients. 

Key Holding 


If an alarm is activated, one of our fully trained and licensed security officers will accompany your designated key holder to the property. security officer's will carry out a security patrol looking for signs of an intrusion. Keyholders are fully Licensed. 

Dog Patrol

GB GROUP is an ambitious and fast growing team of trained security officers and protection dogs. We use NASDU dog handlers and SIA Badged security officers, each with their own specialized experience. Our k9 dogs are highly trained

CCTV Surveillance 

Whatever your needs are, we can provide a customized CCTV solution that will protect your home and business. Give us a call today for a complimentary quotation and discussion about how we can make CCTV part of your security plan

Leading Security Provider in Bradford West Yorkshire!

Our Gu​ards 

All are Sia licensed and have been vetted for up to 5 years in accordance with BS7499 & BS7858 (British Standards for Security Guarding & Mobile Patrol Services).

Our Mission

Meet the needs and exceed the exp​ectations of our clients and their guests in a secure environment.

Our Vision

Be the best security company in the business through strategic processes, quality employees, training, supervision and management.

Our Offices 

We are conveniently located in Oxfordshire and Bradford, we would be happy to talk to you about your needs regardless of location. 

While many businesses​ within Bradford West Yorkshire have been ordered closed during the pandemic, essential services like private security continue to operate. We are trained front line staff in case of any emergency we are the first to respond to your premises 

Our staff are well-trained and motivated people to deliver our services across the UK. It is a feature of the way we do business that our senior managers take personal responsibility for our clients their requirements, and the business relationship.


GB GROUP are renowned for the quality and expertise of our manned guarding, dog patrols, CCTV, Alarm Response & Key Holding  ensuring every security solution is highly trained and fully licensed to handle whatever situations the job demands

GB Service GROUP, can assist your business with Thermal Imaging Cameras to monitor large groups of individuals at any given time for fever detection or elevated skin temperature. Fever detection or elevated skin temperature is just one of the many prevalent symptoms that is associated with COVID-19. With advanced thermal imaging technology, these cameras scan body temperatures of everyone entering a space enabling immediate detection of elevated skin temperatures.

During any crisis, it is important to maintain strict access controls. In the midst of a pandemic and large-scale economic shutdown, that access control can be even more vital for protecting health and life. Security firms should review security procedures at every job site to ensure that access is limited in accordance with current public policy guidelines. That may require restricting the number of access points to ensure that traffic can be more efficiently monitored and controlled.

COVID-19 testing sites 

GB Service Group has assisted healthcare facilities, COVID-19 testing sites and Retail stores in maintaining a sa​fe workplaces.  We are ready to provided its clients with specially trained COVID-19 Security Officers who will assist staff, temperature checks. 

Our Business Philosophy

Understanding a client’s security requirements, enhancing existing services and developing tailored solutions are key to GB Service Group's performance. Security is our only business and providing service excellence is a basic principal of our business philosophy.


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